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Animal Comfort

Rotating Cattle Brush

The Auto rotary brushes Eurobrush are developed to improve cow´s health, comfort and well-being.

Eurobrush is made above a high quality control process and it´s provided with a 220V engine. The shape of the big roll ensures a right and controlled ergonomic pressure over the animal.

The Auto rotary brushes Eurobrush start to spin each time it is touched due the inner software which determine the brushes starting process always spinning from the left to the right occuring less wear and less deformation of bristles increasing its service life.

The Eurobrush´s rotary speed is programmed to ensure total comfort to cows. Its polypropylene bristles ismade with adjustable length and hardness to estimulate the blood circulation and keep cows relax (antistress action) with a good massage.

Eurobrush has an inverter rotate system to automatic block in an eventual forced stoping what make it one of the most safety products in its market. Besides it´s easy to clean with a pressure washing machine what improve the hygiene in the stable.

• Provides best comfort for the cows.

• Removes parasites, old hair and skin peeling.

• Easy installation.

• Low energy consumption.

• Easy to clean.

• Promotes the cows circulation.

• Improves the herd health.

• Increases the herd production (almost 1 Kg/cow).

• Reduces the veterinary costs.

• Security system Integrated.